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20 January 2013 @ 03:09 am
Devil Survivor 2 Theme  
Name: Steer
Age: Eighteen

Describe your personality: Where do I begin?

I'd like to quantify my personality with a number of indicators. I will use MBTI, Enneagram, the Alignment Test, astrology and a general description of my personality to give a holistic and well-rounded opinion of my nature (even though I kinda doubt anyone's personality can be so easily distilled into such figures but aaaah whatever).

MBTI: Make no mistake about it, I'm definitely an ENFP - The Champion/Advocate. I was rather uncertain for a while, but it was the first personality type that I received and the closest you'll probably get to a "core" nature.

According to ENFPs, there are no meaningless events – every action, every little step we take, are supposed to mean something. Due to their inborn talent to sense other people’s motives, ENFPs prefer to see life as an exciting drama story, full of various opportunities for both good and evil. Only 5 percent of all people are believed to belong to the ENFP personality type; however, they are usually very influential. ENFPs do their best to stay approachable and genuine, sometimes even consciously choosing to act spontaneously for this reason. This personality trait is easily noticeable and contributes to the overall “likeability” of ENFPs.

On the other hand, this can also be a disadvantage as the ENFP is likely to worry about not being sufficiently original or spontaneous. If they are not careful, this personality trait can lower their self-esteem.

ENFP personalities see intense emotions as an essential part of their life – however, they may also feel uncomfortable expressing them as this inevitably entails losing some control over their inner feelings.

ENFPs constantly monitor their environment and it is unlikely that even a slightly unusual thing will slip through their eyes. They are great observers, able to focus on listening to another person without losing the ability to observe their environment. It is worth noting that ENFPs prefer directing all their attention to one person or event rather than observing them passively or randomly.

One potential danger for people with the ENFP personality type is their tendency to analyse past events through the prism of other people’s motives, trying to find hidden meaning behind their words and actions. As this usually results in negative conclusions, ENFPs can make serious mistakes in evaluating some things. An ENFP may unconsciously seek data that would support their initial opinion – this trait should be recognised and avoided.

Being very sensitive and constantly slightly stressed, ENFPs can often get bored if their environment remains the same for a long time. They love the creative part of almost every process, but are not so interested in the actual implementation of new ideas.

ENFP personalities are usually characterised by high levels of enthusiasm, which can be very contagious. Unfortunately, this often becomes a weakness – ENFPs often find themselves surrounded by people who admire their wisdom, inspiration, courage and leadership; however, this puts a considerable burden on the shoulders of that particular ENFP. Still, ENFPs defend their independence very fiercely, fighting any signs of subordination.

One of the most problematic areas for an ENFP personality is the need to focus on their work. Unlike other extroverts, ENFPs need some “alone time” periodically in order to be able to stop and think whether they are actually moving in the direction compatible with their values. Those ENFPs who manage to do this are usually very successful; the rest may be prone to abandoning various projects as soon as they see a new and exciting opportunity. This is another personality trait that people belonging to this type should be aware of.

ENFP also dislike bureaucracy, both in principle and from a practical point of view.

Finally, ENFPs have one more trait that makes them a truly unique personality type – the “nonsense button”. ENFPs can be very intelligent, serious, focused on the pursuit of a clear goal – but if they have an opportunity and wish to use it, they are able to instantly switch to the “nonsense mode”, for example, letting off the steam in a wild party. Once in this mode, an ENFP may even look as if they are intoxicated or under influence of other things.

Enneagram: I'm actually rather uncertain. I thought I was an Enneagram Three for the longest time, but I took the quiz again and it was a tie between 3: The Achiever and 4: The Individualist. I'll just copy and paste both types (still in the midst of deciding if I'm a 3w4 or a 4w3. Leaning fiercely towards the latter though. I get the feeling that 4 is my core personality and 3 is a layer painted over to deal with the harshness of the world - so much so that I forgot my original nature. Hm.)

Threes are self-assured, attractive, and charming. Ambitious, competent, and energetic, they can also be status-conscious and highly driven for advancement. They are diplomatic and poised, but can also be overly concerned with their image and what others think of them. They typically have problems with workaholism and competitiveness. At their Best: self-accepting, authentic, everything they seem to be—role models who inspire others.

Basic Fear: Of being worthless
Basic Desire: To feel valuable and worthwhile
Enneagram Three with a Two-Wing: "The Charmer"
Enneagram Three with a Four-Wing: "The Professional"
Key Motivations: Want to be affirmed, to distinguish themselves from others, to have attention, to be admired, and to impress others.

Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious. Withholding themselves from others due to feeling vulnerable and defective, they can also feel disdainful and exempt from ordinary ways of living. They typically have problems with melancholy, self-indulgence, and self-pity. At their Best: inspired and highly creative, they are able to renew themselves and transform their experiences.

Basic Fear: That they have no identity or personal significance
Basic Desire: To find themselves and their significance (to create an
Enneagram Four with a Three-Wing: "The Aristocrat"
Enneagram Four with a Five-Wing: "The Bohemian"
Key Motivations: Want to express themselves and their individuality, to create and surround themselves with beauty, to maintain certain moods and feelings, to withdraw to protect their self-image, to take care of emotional needs before attending to anything else, to attract a "rescuer."

Alignment: I went from a Lawful Evil to a Neutral Good. Wow. That was certainly unexpected.

Neutral Good- A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.

Closely following behind would be Chaotic Good. This is strange. Hm. A distant third would come Lawful Good, Neutral Evil and True Neutral.

Astrology: Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Rising.

Persons ruled by the combination of Pisces Sun sign and Sagittarius Moon sign want excellence and class in life. Ordinary and common things do not interest them. They want everything the best. You are determined and will leave no stone unturned to realize your dreams.

These signs will make you starry-eyed and moralistic. You are over-optimistic and dream bigger that others feel impracticable to attain. There is also a spiritual side of your personality. Extremely high expectations from life make it difficult to live and enjoy. You can effectively express your wisdom and intellect with emotions and feelings as your personality combines the sagacious Sagittarius and expressive Pisces.

You are realistic and positive. Your thoughts are however mostly impractical, fuzzy and hard to pin down. Your thinking and plans are wide-ranging. You do not focus on small details and concentrate on bigger and bigger ideas. Mostly your plans are vague, impractical and unrealistic. You are very open and outgoing. You are not selfish. You have dreams to achieve and you are happy in concentrating on them. Instead of relying on your wisdom and intellect you incline towards idealism and over-optimism.

General description: To be laconic, I will simply say that I am a dreamer who wants to change the world.

Positive Traits: There are simply too much to name. I will choose the best five qualities that I feel describe me the most.

-Ambitious (Most definitely.)
-Idealistic (It's another core part of my nature - up there with my ambition.)
-Adaptable (Which can potentially be a downside as well.)

Negative Traits:

-Moody; a constant feeling of isolation from the rest of the world.
-Tendency to over-idealize structures and people
-Easily influenced by others/Mutable (the downside of being adaptable.)
-Competitive (I try to tone it down but it's still there. Undeniably.)
-Tendency to be jealous and envious of others.

Hobbies and interests: Again, the five best. I have a wide range of interests and passions, and a defining trait of myself is that of jumping on/latching onto the next best thing - in an almost obsessive fashion.

-Playing video games (I have a fondness for Visual Novels and JRPGs. I wouldn't mind WRPGs but I don't have a console on which I could try them. T______T)
-Talking to people (Yes, that counts as an interest. And I must add, not the stupid, banal form of small talk. I like getting to know what makes people tick. And forming random associations with video game characters in my head. But yes.)
-Reading (I have a strange, um, "hesitation" when it comes to reading, I guess? To me, the downside of static mediums like "books" are that it might not fully make you feel invested in the characters and the situation presented in the medium. In video games and television, it's frequently easier to utilize the medium in a creative fashion; drawing you into believing that you are actually experiencing the same things that the protagonists are. Still, it's undeniable that some novels are simply worth a read.)

-Psychology (I like knowing and understanding how people tick.)
-History (The technical aspects of the medium bore me but I do have a strange fondness for the "Great Man Theory" in history - which is sadly overlooked these days. I like reading about individuals that appear during certain periods of upheaval and social distress and shape the world according to their beliefs.)
-Literature (I like the art, I suppose. That of close analysis, using your own thoughts and feelings as a springboard to distill the essence of what is conveyed... it's intellectually refreshing stuff.)
-Philosophy (I can't say for sure, but my teacher had this lesson on existentialism once and I felt that it actually did resonate with my being. Perhaps I have a slight interest in the subject matter, but it's not deep enough to be used as a defining... um, interest.)

Dislikes: Five, I suppose.

-Bullies (can't stand those who would repress the weak. Hmph. Metaphorically speaking, I'd crucify them and execute them and feed them to the poor in Africa if I could. Okay, maybe not really but you get the idea.)
-Morally bankrupt people (Same as the above; except that this category includes corrupt politicians, slimeballs, rapists, serial murderers, cult leaders...)
-Practicality and pragmatism (It's a nice way of justifying abhorrent behavior, you know. "Oh, it simply could not be helped.", "Oh, you've got to be pragmatic.". Just smacks of a shirking of responsibility to me.)
-Overtly rigid structures (Like those you'd frequently see in the military, for example. I see the importance of the structure, but it can be occasionally too cruel in its implementation. And it's too uniform and non-diverse for my tastes. Think I'd die there.)
-The boring, the uninteresting and the common (Why accept these when you can strive for something more?)

How are you described by others?: I'm pretty sure most of it is distilled here somewhere. Recently, my teachers did mention that I've mellowed out in comparison to my "harder, sharper" self in the past who was willing to do pretty much anything to achieve my dreams. The means do matter, okay. The choices you make in life defines you, and it slowly but surely turns you into something you don't want.

Are you more...
Introverted or extroverted? Introverted extrovert. I want to go out there and get to know people but only under a few circumstances.

1. They interest me.
2. They do not fit the category of what I'd call disgusting.
3. If they do, they'd better have a reason that I can sympathize with.

Generally speaking, I take on two personas. I'm reserved, distant, living-in-my-head around situations in which I'd rather not be in. I have this feeling of being imprisoned and a desire to escape to a more comfortable surrounding most of the time in that persona. And yes, a wish for someone to "save" me, as it were. I like to do a fair bit of reflection and contemplation too. And I need time to "recharge" after copious amounts of activity. That's the introverted part.

The other would be the opposite, I guess. Loud, boisterous, outgoing, out there making networks and connections with anyone, everyone and anything (note the conditions above). I feel inspired, I feel like a revolutionary and I feel special. I feel the urge and the instinct to go out there and make a positive change in the world. I want to "save" people. That's the extrovert.

So yes, it's like the Piscean sign. Two fishes, moving in the opposite directions. The martyr and the hero. The Joan of Arc and the Napoleon. Um. Yeah.

Optimistic, pessimistic, idealistic, or realistic? Idealistic optimist. It's the happiest and best way to live, indeed. And it also offers you the highest view on people and humanity, which is fundamentally important. You wouldn't feel like you're connected to this species if you generally have this terrible opinion of it, yes? I don't know, and no offense to pessimists and (self-proclaimed) realists out there, but it seems like a relatively less enjoyable experience overall? Something like that.

A leader or a follower? I follow. Leading is too irritating for me and it comes with too many obligations and burdens. I'd rather just do my own thing.

Cynical or trusting? It's too tiring being cynical. Believe me, I've tried. I wouldn't say I'd go around trusting anyone and everyone (because that would be the classical definition of naivety) but I'd give people the benefit of the doubt? I guess? I would hold them to high standards with that trust and if it's gone, it's gone.

Mature or childish? I like to think of myself as mature overall, with a childish side to liven things up. Of course, I'm not done with my developmental process but as an eighteen year old, I'd say I'm developing nicely.

Independent or dependent? Both. I'm independent when it comes to my beliefs, my being and my nature. I don't think I'd fare well being cooped up in a singular place and bound to a select group of people. Still, when I'm attached to someone, I'm really attached to the person (to the extent that I might be called clingy. Hm.). So yes. And I have pretty much no life skills whatsoever so I'd be dependent on that too.

Cool or dorky? Dorky.

Careful or carefree? Eh. Neither. I'm cautious when it comes to situations that could potentially injure me (Who wouldn't?) but I wouldn't say I'm that careful. I live too much in my head and I do things without thinking sometimes.

Carefree? Hah. Who's carefree nowadays? Life does come with its own share of worries but you've gotta make the best out of it. I guess.

High, medium, or low energy? Fluctuates. Wildly.
Confident or modest? Both. It really depends on the situation, with whom I'm interacting, what the matter is about... It's not something that fixed, I think. But yes, generically speaking, I'd say I have my fair share of confidence (unless I'm feeling woefully self-conscious alas) and modesty.

Quote? "It's easy to be cynical. It's easy to be disappointed and to lose faith in people. It's easy to throw your morals away and behave in a reprehensible manner. What marks a true hero, a genuinely benevolent person, is one that recognizes the inherent shortcomings and limitations of humanity, but is one that still believes. A person's ideals is everything." - Myself. (Narcissistic much? Hahahaha. But it really encapsulates my life philosophy nicely)
Movie? I don't have one. I like too many. My favorite sort would be the kind that makes you think though. I really do like Japanese death games like "Battle Royale" and the sort that forces you to look at the worst of humanity in the eye and question your own beliefs, morals and actions if you were in that situation.
Type of music? JPOP. Or at least music coming from a favorite videogame or anime. It's taking home a portion of the journey you spent, fighting alongside fictional characters that seem (sometimes) more alive than real people.
Color? Red.
Animal? Lion.
Game genre? Visual novels. JRPGs.

A large asteroid is going to hit the Earth in 24 hours and the world is going to end! How do you spend your last moments? Partake in a revolution and a movement to stop the asteroid (if it's possible). Better to die fighting in a united cause as compared to sitting somewhere and dying passively, I think. And the world might not end! Massive evacuation projects, massive sendoffs to space, massive relocation to a space colony in Mars or something... Either way, it's impossible to just wipe out human history like that.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change? I'd like to be more self-assured and self-confident. I'd like to keep in mind my worth and importance as a person and never, ever forget that.
What are some of your future goals? Well, I'd like to do something meaningful and heroic! I'd like to be a hero, in the proverbial sense of the word. Law would be a potential field of study (it's been my dream for ages, actually) and it would be awesome defending the weak and those who cannot afford to pay. Justice and morality do not discriminate, after all.

Um, if that doesn't work out, I could be a teacher. I might just return to my alma mater and pass on my experiences to the next generation. I'd probably study English Lit or History or Political Science or something and go with that. I'd certainly love to meet a soulmate that shares similar aspirations and temperament, yet is different enough to keep me guessing. Oh yes, and it'd be nice to meet an INTJ in reality. I've heard so much about them. And I'd definitely like to survive. Yeah, stream of consciousness.
If you had to chose between saving those who are precious to you and all the inhabitants of an entire city, who would you save? Hahahaha, I'd make the people who are precious to me go into the city and then be saved along with the inhabitants. After all, if the people whom I deem precious are now part of that city, then they are technically "inhabitants" and this choice is moot.

But if that loophole doesn't work out, well, I'd just punch the person in the face and say "I quit. Do whatever you want.". Reverse psychology, people. They want to see the look of distress, the torment on your face as they force you to play a game on their terms. If you take that away, what do they have left? They'd probably beg you to choose. Albeit in a mocking and "HAR HAR HAR" fashion. But yes.

How do you tend to act around those you don't know? Silent as the grave. I'd probably chuckle quietly, but I need time to warm up to people.

Are there any characters you absolutely do not want to be voted as? Nope.
Anything else you'd like to add? Have fun!

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the_404_error on January 19th, 2013 07:55 pm (UTC)
Based on your previous applications and how the whole Lawful Evil/Lawful Netural thing + I recalled you even mentioning Meritocracy, I was almost 100% certain I was going to vote for Yamato before opening this. This was quite different from the past ones though, so I'll have to go with the opposite side's character with many of the same traits but different views, Ronaldo. The ENFP description fits him well in general, and I can see himself summing himself up as "I will simply say that I am a dreamer who wants to change the world." Your dislikes definitely seem to fit him, especially considering his focus on those he views as immoral. The whole thing about being heroic also seems to fit with his mentality. He also can be more reserved at first, but seems to be a true extrovert at heart behind it considering his main focus being on people.
Breyzy and Yin Girl: Breyzy: I will make my ideals be heardbreyzyyin on January 20th, 2013 04:27 pm (UTC)
I'm seeing a lot of Ronaldo as well, honestly. I think he definitely fits more for the ENFP deescription (and even The Champion/Advocate title seems to fit for his overall character and "ENFPs prefer directing all their attention to one person or event rather than observing them passively or randomly" is a rather fitting description for his character overall). Ronaldo certainly fits your Positive/Negative Traits: ambitious, idealistic (I'd certainly argue his viewpoints stem from an idealistic standpoint: he's assuming the best of people in an equal society), curious, dramatic, adaptable, moody, has a tendency to over-idealize, and competitive. Your Dislikes particularly scream Ronaldo to me, as he would definitely share your thoughts on bullies and morally bankrupt people as well.

I can also see Ronaldo a lot in your "Are you more..." section answers: introverted extrovert; idealistic optimist (again: he wants to assume the best about the nature of people, and most of his anger seems to stem from when people disrupt his view); he is more of a leader at first but if you take Daichi's route and recruit him it shows that Ronaldo is actually quite comfortable in a follower position as well; he tends to hold people to high standards with his trust as well...so, when that's gone it is kind of gone; he's independent in regards to his belief; fluctuates energy-wise; and is shown to be both confident and modest depending in the story route the player takes. I think your answer to the asteroid scenario fits rather nicely for Ronaldo considering his story in the game...and he certainly wants to do something meaningful and heroic! XD
Mynahsunflower_mynah on January 20th, 2013 04:54 pm (UTC)
I'm not familiar with the game, so I apologise if the vote is a bit sparse (especially compared to the ones before mine) - but I've to agree that Ronaldo does seem to be the most fitting choice. He's determined - and while the ambitious are not necessarily great leaders or vice-versa, it is a trait I might see functioning well together, so I'll run with that. Judging from the description, he does also seem like he'll fit the ENFP mould well.
Amber: Persona 4: Yosuke Cut-Incassandrablue on January 21st, 2013 09:11 am (UTC)
I haven't touched this game in a while so my vote may not be that great, but I do much agree with Ronaldo considering how you seem to have changed since your last application. Like the voters above said, he's a lot like Yamato but he doesn't share the same views: ambitious, idealistic, curious, and dramatic surly fit him... But I do see Ronaldo being moody and I personally see his relationship with Yamato as pretty competitive so that fits too XD I also think that Ronaldo is an introverted extrovert in that I really don't see him going out of his way to meet new people: if I remember right he only really gets to know the party because of their relationship with Yamato's group? (It's been a while, yet I still haven't beat it... Maybe I should get back to it XD)
Amber: FF Type-O: Ciniquecassandrablue on January 21st, 2013 09:53 am (UTC)
You are most like Ronaldo!

Please upload the stamp to your own server and continue to enjoy the community! ♥